WOKE ALERT: Woke Madness: The Elite Eight Woke Companies

These eight companies continue to put woke politics ahead of their consumers. Let us know which company should be crowned the 2024 Woke Champion.

Bank of America

Bank of America has landed a spot in this year’s bracket for its persistent wokeness. It demanded that Americans comply with its woke climate agenda by building a tracking system to monitor carbon emissions. The activist bank is also attempting to strip away customers’ Second Amendment rights. Leveraging its position as a financier, the bank is trying to force the production of “greener,” plant-based meat alternatives by steering investments away from cows and other livestock on the basis that they produce methane.


Wealth management behemoth BlackRock is leading the charge pushing Enviornmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies. Larry Fink and BlackRock are using Americans’ hard-earned dollars to invest in politically driven schemes. BlackRock continues to ignore its fiduciary duty and puts woke politics over its customers.

Bud Light

Bud Light has become the poster child for “go woke, go broke” by aligning with the woke movement and partnering with transgender activist and TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney. The company made cans featuring Mulvaney’s face with the phrase “365 Days of Girlhood” celebrating his one-year anniversary of being a “girl.”


Time and time again Disney has injected woke ideology and gender radicalization into children’s programming and taken political stances. Disney is also still one of the long-standing sponsors of the Trevor Project, which hosted an underground messaging board which masqueraded as resource for at-risk LGBTQ youth but allowed adults to prey on children.

North Face

Pushing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) on its employees wasn’t enough, so North Face also is pushing it on its customers. North Face encourages purchasers to join “Allyship in the Outdoors,” a radical racial reeducation program, qualifying them to receive 20% off store items upon completion of the online DEI program. The outdoor clothing giant also launched its “Summer of Pride” campaign featuring a mustached drag queen and pride kid’s clothing.

Source: https://allyship.openinguptheoutdoors.com/



Patagonia has decided to focus less on outdoor apparel and more on a radical political agenda. It was revealed that Patagonia donated $70 MILLION of its profits to a pass-through organization known for making campaign contributions to left-wing candidates who engage in woke issues like supporting abortions and environmental activism.

Image credit: Patagonia


Target faced massive backlash from their consumer base for going woke. During “Pride Month,” Target decided to go all in by releasing a new line of LGBTQ+ merchandise geared toward children and infants featuring inclusivity shirts, children’s books on transgenderism, young boys in rainbow sports bras, and “tuck-friendly” bathing suits designed to hide male genitalia. When Target’s CEO Brian Cornell was confronted on national television about the merchandise, he lied, stating, “Well, I think you and I both know those weren’t true …”

U.S. airline companies and manufacturers

Airlines have seen deep mistrust from passengers alike, and rightfully so after a series of recent disasters and near misses have dominated the headlines. The close calls have made many question whether airlines are more concerned with DEI policies than their passengers. United Airlines hired a drag queen CEO; Alaska Airlines had a “first of its kind Pride-inspired plane;” American Airlines, which has already been called out for serving woke politicians, also detailed “cash incentive program” that rewarded  executives for reaching DEI targets in its 2023 proxy statement; Boeing has tied incentive compensation to inclusion; and Spirit AeroSystems prominently displayed DEI initiatives on their website as a “completive advantage” and flaunted the high number of females in its workforce.

Image credit: United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby (Source: LibsofTikTok)

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