WOKE ALERT: The North Face

The North Face goes Woke Targeting Kids for Pride Collection

Outdoor clothing brand The North Face launches new woke campaign “Summer of Pride” with mustached male drag queen and pride kid’s clothing. They also invite people to “Come OUT” for their multi-stop pride tour.


Video Source: Raheem Kassam


The North Face 2023 pride collection titled “Out in Nature” takes pride month one step further by making it a summer-long event with pride stops “across the nation.”

Image Source: @ClownWorld_


The male drag queen, “Pattie Gonia”, is inviting EVERYONE to come out. And by everyone, The North Face means EVERYONE – including your kids!

Image Source: the National Pulse

Image Source: The North Face

Image Source: The North Face


This isn’t the first time The North Face has pushed Pride all summer long, last year they launched a similar pride campaign featuring male drag queen Pattie Gonia.

Video Source: The North Face YouTube

Let The North Face know you don’t support their woke campaign and call them: 1 (888) 863-1968

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