What is ESG?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, Governance and is used as an investment strategy to “encourage” organizations to “act responsibly.” ESG works by analyzing organizations across three criteria — their environmental footprint, their stance on social issues, and internal corporate governance.

However, political activists use ESG as a way to drive a progressive agenda and ideological allies in the business community help push this agenda through economic coercion and ignoring democratic processes.

Here is what ESG really means.


This focuses on the progressive green agenda, driven by misguided strategies to combat climate change and reduce carbon emissions through forcing financial investments into certain energy markets.


This focuses on specific social criteria that works to force companies to adhere to political demands to maintain good financial investment status, even when the political issues have nothing to do with the company’s business.


This focuses on certain political contributions, the diversity make-up, and political activism of a company’s board, as well as the CEO pay as a measure of whether a company is a good financial investment.

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