Consumers’ Research Letter to Agriculture Committees Regarding Farm Bill

Consumers' Research sent a letter to Congress calling on leadership on the House and Senate Agriculture Committees to keep the farm in the Farm Bill and ensure America’s food security is protected from ESG policies in the final draft of the 2024 Farm Bill.

Analysis: Are Asset Managers Blindly Following ISS on ESG?

A Consumers' Research analysis on regarding certain large asset managers who have voted at least 75% of the time in line with “for” recommendations by Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) on climate-related shareholder proposals.

SEC No-Action Audit Full Report

Consumers' Research report highlighting how liberal-aligned political activist are shaping corporate policies though shareholder proposals.

Persefoni Report

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission colludes with conflicted start-up company on climate disclosures.

Consumers’ Research Ceres Report

Consumers' Research Ceres Report exposing Ceres for their role in pushing the ESG agenda.

Defeating the ESG Attack on the American Free Enterprise System

An Overview of the Corporate Proxy System for Oversight & Litigation Efforts.

Consumer Warning – BlackRock: Crushing America from Within

BlackRock is using your money to wage war on American Energy.

Consumer Warning – BlackRock: Taking Your Money, Betting on China

Today, BlackRock has nearly $10 trillion under its management including the retirement and savings of countless Americans across the country.