WOKE ALERT: Sports Illustrated, Patagonia, and Rip Curl

These Three Companies Fell in Love with Woke, Forsaking Their Customers

For these three brands, the woke agenda had them at hello.

Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated used to be one of the most iconic publications in American history. Now, the magazine’s loving embrace of wokeness has destroyed it. Just last month, SI cut its entire editorial staff. This should come as no surprise. SI has twice featured men claiming to be women on its famous swimsuit editions. It also featured full-time woke activist and part-time soccer player Megan Rapinoe, notorious for her refusal to sing the national anthem while wearing U.S. colors in the World Cup and for her support of allowing men to compete in women’s sports. SI’s unhealthy relationship with woke may be its undoing.

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A bombshell report revealed that Patagonia, one of the largest outdoor apparel and gear brands in the country, has donated massive sums of money to a pass-through organization known for making campaign contributions to Democratic candidates. In other words, $70 million of its profits have gone into left-wing causes like abortion and radical environmental activism. As of this writing, up to a billion of Patagonia’s profits may be used for political activism via this system, leading critics to call it a “$1.7 billion political organization in waiting.”

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Rip Curl

Rip Curl, an iconic surfing brand, attacked professional women’s surfing by featuring a transgender surfer in a promotion for women’s surfing. The post came shortly after Rip Curl dropped their sponsorship of Bethany Hamilton – an icon of women’s surfing who lost her arm in a shark attack – in response to her opposition to men competing in women’s sports.

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You can contact Sports Illustrated about their erasure of women’s sports by emailing support@si.com.

You can call Patagonia over their one-sided political activism at 1-800-638-6464.

Contact Rip Curl to voice your displeasure over their attacks on women’s sports by emailing us.customerservice@ripcurl.com.