Brands are using Super Bowl LVIII to walk back their wokeness

Brands may be using this year’s Super Bowl as a platform to publicly renounce their wokeness, but don’t be misled this Sunday: many of these same companies will still continue to prioritize woke politics over their customers.

Source: https://www.oreo.com/pride


Iconic cookie brand Oreo would have you believe that it recognizes just how fed up the American public is with corporate wokeness. Its “Big icon. Bigger Throwback. Biggest game” Super Bowl commercial featuring Kris Jenner avoids overt wokeness, but the company is still indulging in woke madness behind the scenes. This week, it was revealed that Oreo is supporting the indoctrination of children into “destructive gender ideology,” as it partnered with PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays).



Shortly after the October 7 attacks by Hamas terrorists on Israel, Black Lives Matter (BLM) shared an image on X (formerly Twitter) of a paraglider with a Palestinian flag along with the caption “I Stand with Palestine.” Instead of renouncing the antisemitic post, popular food delivery service DoorDash is standing by BLM in spite of its support of  terrorism. For example, they continue to tout their $100,000 “Donation Partnership” to BLM. While maintaining its behind-the-scenes support of woke activism, DoorDash puts on another face for the Super Bowl LVIII audience. DoorDash’s commercial will steer clear of woke messaging, opting instead for a giveaway promotion with a video game theme.



M&M’s has tried to go back to the basics with their Super Bowl commercial, featuring NFL veteran Dan Marino alongside other NFL Hall of Famers and their so-called “spokescandies.” But do not forget when M&M’s landed itself in hot water after introducing a new gender-bent character to create a “more dynamic, progressive world,” for its young consumers and to represent “acceptance and inclusivity.” The same candymaker has been accused of using five-year-old kids in Ghana to harvest its cocoa.



Most Americans are familiar with Bud Light’s marketing  debacle, arguably the worst in the last decade. The beer brand betrayed its consumer base by aligning with the woke movement and partnering with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. Bud Light became the embodiment of the phrase “go woke, go broke,” when its sales and stock value collapsed. They then shifted into damage control mode, returning to their beloved Americana-themed ads. In this year’s Super Bowl, the fallen beer giant’s ad will feature football fans drinking Bud Light while Budweiser – another Anheuser-Busch brand – brought back its iconic Clydesdales and dog duo, this time against a wintery dive bar backdrop. It remains to be seen whether Bud Light is sincere in walking back its woke activism.


Tell Oreo that you refuse to accept their support of indoctrinating children with transgender ideology by calling 855-244-4596 or filling out there contact form by click here.

Let DoorDash know that you reject their support of antisemetic terror by calling customer support at 855-431-0459.

You can tell M&M’s to put a stop to their woke propaganda by calling 1-888-696-6788 or sending an email to customerservice@mms.com.

Let Bud Light know that they need to put a permanent stop to their efforts to push woke ideology by visiting their contact page.