WOKE ALERT: DoorDash, Dove, and Airbnb

These Three Companies Still Tout Support for Black Lives Matter Even After the Activist Group Endorses Hamas Terrorism

Source: X

DoorDash, Dove, and Airbnb still publicly and proudly support Black Lives Matter (BLM), that has labeled themselves as a Hamas-loving, pro terrorism group.

Black Lives Matter shared an image on X (formerly Twitter) of a paraglider with a Palestinian flag along with the caption “I Stand With Palestine” following the October 7 attack by Hamas terrorists in which an estimated 260 people were killed at a music festival.

Since the attack, some companies have reacted by quietly deleting messages supporting BLM. But many other woke companies still tout their support of Black Lives Matter on websites and social media, despite Black Lives Matter’s endorsement of mass violence against innocent people.

Companies were quick to virtue signal and support Black Lives Matter, but now the group has proved itself a fraud, a false messenger in the fight against bigotry, and a supporter of sick violence. It’s a slippery slope when you let the woke mob take over your decision-making.



DoorDash is still proudly touting its February 2022 $100,000 “Donation Partnership” to Black Lives Matter and other groups. And the company website continues to hype a $1 million donation in 2020, with “$500,000 going to Black Lives Matter and $500,000 to create a fund to be directed by the Black@DoorDash towards state and local organizations.”

Source: “Standing Together For Justice,” DoorDash, 6/3/2020, accessed 11/8/2023)



Dove, which is owned by multinational consumer goods conglomerate Unilever, virtue signals on its website of having made over $1 million in donations committed to various activist organizations, including Black Lives Matter.

Source: “Our Commitment to Ending Systemic Racism,” Dove, Accessed 11/8/23



Airbnb’s website not only flaunts its financial contribution to Black Lives Matter, but features the company’s publication “Black@ Allyship & Activism Guide 2.0,” which lists link to local Black Lives Matter chapters under “Here are other great organizations you can support.”

Contact these companies and tell them to end their relationship with BLM and to stop supporting terrorist groups like Hamas.

DoorDash:Email Door Dash CEO Tony Xu at tony@doordash.com

Dove:Call Dove at 1-800-761-3683 (8:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m., Eastern Time, Mon.-Fri.)

Airbnb:Email Airbnb at contact.press@airbnb.com