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Apple Rolls Out New Privacy Measures

Apple is planning to launch new privacy features on its products over the next few months despite opposition from social media giant Facebook. Apple’s new privacy

Apple’s Antitrust Concerns

Apple announced the first annual meeting of shareholders in 2021 and published its proxy statement, which confirmed its concerns over antitrust actions. A company’s proxy statement is

Amazon Web Services Partners with Apple

Amazon and Apple are teaming up to make the creation of apps and software for Apple devices easier for developers. Amazon Web Services’ Amazon Elastic

New iPhones Usher in the 5G-Era For Apple

Apple announced its latest lineup of products at its Oct. 13 virtual event, revealing its next generation of phones with new technology and options for

Fortnite And Spotify Join Forces Against Apple

Several app producing companies have joined together to create “The Coalition for App Fairness,” a group designed to take on Apple’s App Store. The companies in the

Apple Countersues Epic Games

Apple filed a countersuit against Epic Games on Sept. 8, alleging the developer of the popular mobile game Fortnite was attempting to illegally circumvent the

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