Woke Madness

Consumers’ Research releases Woke Madness ‘Not-So-Sweet Sixteen’



For this year’s March Madness tournament, Consumers’ Research put together a “Not-So-Sweet 16” bracket, highlighting some of the most notoriously woke companies in America.

Airbnb: Airbnb has a history of making business decisions based on with woke politics rather than consumers. In December 2022, the company’s updated inclusivity policy banned renting out homes or rooms that have been associated with slavery in the past and has banned individuals from renting Airbnbs for their political beliefs.

Apple: Tech giant Apple secretly pushed and activated slower “green charging” into its software update.

Balenciaga: Luxury brand Balenciaga released an ad campaign featuring children holding stuffed bears dressed in bondage outfits and accessories, glorifying child pornography.

BlackRock: Under the leadership of woke CEO Larry Fink, investment behemoth BlackRock has turned its back on its shareholders by pushing ESG investing, which prioritizes progressive political agendas over maximizing financial returns for American’s retirement and pension funds.

Coca-Cola: Soft drink giant Coca-Cola was quick to attack Georgia’s popular election law and support woke politicians to distract from its use of forced labor in China, contributions to the obesity crisis, and dismal sales.

CVS: Woke CVS executives are mandating hourly CVS employees attend Marxist-inspired critical race theory programs. This mandate is required of all employees, despite the diverse makeup of CVS employees. However, this woke agenda  does not extend to religious liberty, as two former employees of CVS are suing the company for violating their rights to a religious accommodation of their beliefs.

Disney: Disney has been prioritizing woke politics over its consumers by making political stances and injecting woke ideology and gender radicalization into children’s programming.

Levi Strauss & Co.: The iconic American jean brand Levi’s was once synonymous with American patriotism; however, the company has turned its back on those ideals in favor of pushing progressive politics, defending a reliance on China and silencing top executives who express differing opinions.

National Football League: The NFL was so focused on spouting the spouting the woke agenda, and disrespecting patriotic Americans, a new investigation finds their definition of social justice does not extend to paying players who were disabled while playing for the NFL.

Nike: Known for being at the forefront of the social justice movement, Nike is constantly trying to distract customers from its exploitation of foreign slave labor in China and ongoing attempts to maintain Chinese slave labor camps to manufacture its products.

Silicon Valley Bank: Silicon Valley Bank focused on woke policies and progressive political agendas in corporate boardrooms to receive an “A” ESG rating while ignoring financial investment changes and realities, which caused the bank to collapse and lose their customers’ money.

State Farm: Insurance company State Farm intentionally targeted kindergartens with books from the Gender Cool Project, which promotes radical transgenderism, by donating them to schools and public libraries.

Ticketmaster: Notorious for its outrageous fees, Ticketmaster attacked Georgia’s popular election to distract from its skyrocketing prices and unpopularity, all while CEO Michael Rapino laid off workers in droves and pocketed a multi-million-dollar salary.

Ulta Beauty: Ulta Beauty launched a podcast titled “The Beauty Of…” hosted by David Lopez, who identifies as “gender-fluid.” The podcast features influencers who give their definitions of beauty. One of the guests was transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, who discussed “girlhood.” Ulta Beauty posted the interview saying, “Trans Girls Can Do It All!”

Uber: Ridesharing platform Uber claims to support women but, for years, has made news due to the multitude of complaints of crime and sexual assault made against its women riders.

Vanguard: Until withdrawing from the net zero alliance in December 2022, international Investment firm Vanguard had worked to deny funding to American energy producers, driving up consumer prices, while also using its proxy-voting power to leverage clients’ assets to accelerate woke ESG policies.