Apple’s latest woke move punishes American iPhone users who don’t charge with “green” energy



Apple angered American iPhone users this week by adding a new feature that only allows iPhones to charge at full speed when woke “green” electricity is available.

  • This new feature forces you to “selectively” charge your iPhone, automatically slowing charging speeds if Apple deems your energy source insufficiently clean. Currently, Apple says the mode is available in the United States and set to the “on” position by default.
  • When the mode is enabled and a phone is connected to a charger, the iPhone gets a report of carbon emissions generated by your local energy grid. It uses that data to decide whether to charge your phone at full speed.
  • The feature does not apply in China, the world’s worst polluter, and where seven of Apple’s suppliers were found to be linked to suspected forced labor of Uyghur Muslims, according to at least one investigation.
  • Breitbart has offered guidance to iPhone users wishing to disable the feature.

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