WOKE ALERT: Adidas, DICK’s Sporting Goods, Gatorade

These Three Companies are Supporting and Promoting Men in Women’s Sports

Image Credit: USA Today

President Biden just released new Title IX guidelines to allow men to compete in women’s sports! These companies are supporting this woke behavior and promoting woke activist organization Athlete Ally, which wants to force female athletes to compete against biological males, eroding fair competition and destroying women’s sports.



We first exposed Adidas when they launched a pride collection featuring swimsuits built for biological males to compete against female swimmers.

Adidas is also advocating for men in women’s sports as a top sponsor of the woke organization Athlete Ally, donating more than $100,000 to the group.

Adidas also hosted an Athlete Activism Summit with Athlete Ally to expand policies to allow men to compete in women’s sports leagues.

Image credit: Athlete Ally


DICK’s Sporting Goods

Sporting goods chain, DICK’s Sporting Goods is another top sponsor of the pro-transgender organization Athlete Ally, giving $25,000 in 2023 alone.

Image credit: Dick’s Sporting Goods

DICK’s is no stranger to woke ideology, as it touts its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programming and provides extensive DEI courses for its employees.

Image credit: Dick’s Sporting Goods



Popular sports drink Gatorade went woke and is a top-tier sponsor of Athlete Ally, donating more than $100,000 to the organization.

Woke Gatorade takes their sponsorship a step further and is pushing men in women’s sports by providing “Equity in Sports” resources. These resources include reports and guidelines for schools, coaches and sports leagues on how to get more biological males competing against young girls in sports. 

Below is a screenshot of a document published by Gatorade showing schools and leagues how to allow males to compete in women’s sports.

Image credit: Gatorade

The ally section of Gatorade’s website features several materials designed to push bringing biological males into women’s sports.

Image credit: Gatorade

Gatorade has also partnered with Chris Mosier, a transgender activist who runs Trans Athlete, a consulting business that rakes in cash by pressuring high schools to adopt “inclusive” policies for transgender athletes.

Image credit: CNN


Call Adidas at 1-800-982-9337or email them at corporate.press@adidas-group.com to tell them to stop supporting men in women’s sports.

Call DICK’s at 1-877-846-9997 or email them at support@dicks.us.com to voice your opposition men in women’s sports. You can also message their President and CEO, Lauren Hobart, on LinkedIn.

Call Gatorade at 1-800-884-2867 or go to https://contact.pepsico.com/gatorade/contact-us to tell Gatorade that you do not believe men should compete in women’s sports.