WOKE ALERT: Adidas, Nike, Speedo

Three sportswear companies equipping men to compete in women’s sports

Adidas, Nike, and Speedo are supporting the male athletes who are stealing victories from women in sports by providing women’s sports apparel specialized for men! This is quite the statement from these companies. It’s totally woke, and sadly epitomizes what brands like Nike have become.

Image source: Adidas


Recently, the international athletic brand launched pride a collection that featured women’s swimwear and other sports apparel on male models.

Image source: Adidas

This latest move by Adidas isn’t the first time they’ve celebrated men in women’s sports. Last year Adidas released an ad featuring transgender volleyball player Tifanny Abreu for their “Impossible Is Nothing” campaign honoring women in sports.

Image source: one37pm

Let Adidas know you don’t support their woke antics by contacting them at 1-800-982-9337.


This woke company has proclaimed themselves a strong supporter of women’s athletics, but continues to feature men in women’s sports and is a strong ally and partner for men competing in women’s sports. According to their “Be True” toolkit, Nike supports “safe spaces” in sports so every “athlete” can compete where they want.

Nike has been supporting men in women’s sports since 2017, when it launched an ad campaign with a transgender dancer. Nike recently featured Argentinian trans soccer player Mara Gomez in their “Play New” campaign.

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The swimwear giant has released blog posts highlighting the struggles trans swimmers go through to find proper training apparel. Biological male, Eden Elgeti, also wrote a blog post focused on which swimsuits on the site are best for biological men who want to wear women’s swimsuits.

Image source: Speedo

Let Speedo know you don’t support their woke antics by contacting them at 1-833-427-0866.