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LG Develops Battery Powered Air-Purifying Face Mask

South Korea based technology company, LG, is looking to capitalize on the current (and possibly future) health concerns. Earlier this year, LG released its facial recognition payment devices

AI blur codes

NYC Task Force Struggles to Audit City Algorithms

A New York City task force is reportedly struggling to hold accountable computerized algorithms used by the city government. Created through city council legislation passed

The Age of the Algorithm (Podcast)

Algorithms, complex mathematical models calculated on a computer, now determine many aspects of modern life. They figure out who gets a loan, who gets bumped

LG Unveils Paper-thin TV

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year, numerous tech and consumer electronics firms made their way to Las Vegas to showcase their latest and

Weekly Jobless Claims Fall

The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits has fallen for the third straight week, a good sign for America’s economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

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