Woke Alert: LYFT

Lyft puts Women at Risk with Woke Initiative

Lyft says that its “Women +” initiative promotes safety for women and “non binary” riders and drivers, but because the company must appease the Woke mob at all times, Lyft’s new initiative will actually allow men to exclusively request women drivers, putting more female drivers at greater risk.


Image credit: Lyft

The woke ride sharing app is launching a new feature to promote women’s safety, but don’t let the name fool you; this program is not just for women. Lyft states the initiative, titled Women+, “prioritizes matches between women and nonbinary drivers and riders.” Since Lyft refuses to define what a woman is, riders can switch their gender to whatever they please, allowing any rider, even those with malicious intentions, to have unmonitored, unrestricted access to exclusively female drivers.

On the driver side, it’s a similar case. While Lyft drivers have to use the same gender that’s on their license, in certain states including California, drivers can easily be officially classified as nonbinary on their driver’s license, and biological males can classify as females This means that female riders hoping to get a females driver, could easily be exposed to potential predators taking advantage of the apps new supposed safety measure. Women+ will be initially launched in liberal cities like Chicago, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, and San Jose, with a larger roll out in more cities soon.

Image credit: Mercury News

Lyft wants female users and drivers to believe this new feature will keep them safe, but because Lyft, and the rest of the Woke culture, allows genders to be switched on a whim, it will only make female drivers and users more vulnerable. This will likely exacerbate a problem highlighted by the sexual assault data Lyft released for 2017, 2018 and 2019, showing that 52% of riders reported sexual assault incidents and 38% of drivers reported sexual assaults from passengers.

Contact Lyft and tell them you will refuse to tolerate them putting Woke ideology over women’s safety on X formally known as twitter. 

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