Woke Alert: Lululemon

Women who called police on thugs who were robbing store are fired by ‘anti-capitalist,’ pro-criminal employer Lululemon


In an Atlanta suburb, two women were fired from Lululemon after calling the police on masked robbers, an apparent violation of the woke company’s “zero-tolerance policy” on doing anything other than allowing thieves to take what they want.

Image credit: https://twitter.com/Travis_in_Flint/status/1662983669282140164


Lululemon’s woke, pro-criminal policies inevitably pass higher costs on to their customers, who pay as much as $138 for a pair of leggings.

You can see footage of the robbery below:



The exorbitantly priced athleticwear brand is no stranger to woke politics. In 2020, Lululemon promoted a “resisting capitalism” workshop when Lululemon’s value was assessed in excess of $45 billion.

Image credit: Daily Mail


Contact a Lululemon location near you to let them know you don’t support their woke hypocrisy.

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