Kaiser Permanente wants children as young as three to be able to change their gender

The largest healthcare provider in the country, Kaiser Permanente, is indoctrinating their employees with woke transgender ideology targeting kids.

Image source: Washington Examiner

A concerned employee at Kaiser Permanente leaked a DEI inspired training video that promoted health care professionals to embrace sex change ideology for children as young as three-years-old under the guise of “Culturally Responsive Care.”

Image source: Kaiser Permanente

Employees at Kaiser Permanente are required to watch a 40-minute training video featuring clips of three and four-year-old children explaining their new chosen gender.

You can see the video clips here.

Image source: LibsofTikTok

Tell Kaiser Permanente to stop pushing woke gender ideology on our children. Submit a complaint here or call Kaiser Permanente at 1-800-777-7902.

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