JPMorgan Chase’s political correctness police issue new DEI “style manual”

Source: JPMorgan Chase

Recently, JPMorgan released the latest iteration of its Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) guide, a how-to book on “appropriate” words to create a world free of — what they deem to be — “micro-aggressions.”

JPMorgan’s style guide is part of a growing movement by employers to appease the woke mob by including radical gender ideology in the workplace vernacular.  The guide urges employees to avoid terms like “manpower” and “man hours” and nixed words like “white glove treatment” and “black list,” replacing them with language such as “disallow list.”

Source: New York Post

This style guide further solidifies JPMorgan’s 2020 $30 billion commitment to address wealth inequity along racial lines.

Source: JPMorgan Chase

Call JPMorgan Chase and tell them you don’t support their woke policies: 1 (800) 935-9935.