WOKE ALERT: John Deere

John Deere Goes Woke

Beloved American brand John Deere has turned on its customer base and gone full woke. They hosted a Pride event for kids as young as three-years-old and are injecting every level of their business with racist DEI ideology.

Image Source: John Deere’s Website

John Deere, the venerable American tractor and hardware manufacturer, has gone full woke. It was recently exposed for turning on its customer base by embracing radical leftist ideology like DEI and hosting Pride shows for young children.

John Deere even mandates that all its employees participate in leftist indoctrination trainings, where employees are subjected to, according to the recent expose, “the woke children’s book ‘Anti-Racist Baby,’ ‘Awake to Woke to Work,’ a podcast on the concept of ‘Whiteness,’ woke activist Robin DiAngelo, bigotry against Christians who supposedly have ‘Christian Privilege’ and more.”


Image Source:CNN

While it prioritizes wokeness, John Deere is also busy closing American factories and firing American workers. Just this week, the company is laying off around 600 American employees from three U.S. factories, even as it continues to pump money and resources into one woke initiative after another.

Give John Deere a call and let them know that promoting wokeness while laying off American workers is bad for business!

Give their headquarters a call at (309) 765-8000

Or contact them via email by clicking this link: https://isgsupport.deere.com/ContactUs-DDC/