WOKE ALERT: Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels gets drunk on Woke Politics

American whiskey bows to woke gender ideology

  • Jack Daniels is facing growing backlash as a 2021 ad campaign that featured three drag queens from Rupaul’s Drag Race resurfaced recently. The current brouhaha comes in the wake of a slew of similar marketing ploys by iconic brands like Nike and Bud Light who attempted to please Woke activists by re-inventing themselves for an increasingly gender-confused American public.
  • The backlash comes mere weeks after Tennessee legislators passed a resolution restricting drag performances in response to a growing trend of drag queen performances for children, often billed as “story hour,”  sexualizing young children.
  • One of the drag queens featured in the “Small Town, Big Pride” campaign, Trinity the Tuck, lauded Jack Daniels for understanding “drag culture—which is all about … inviting others to accept you as you are.”  Whether he was wearing the massive wig, breast prosthetics, and pounds of makeup when he said this is unclear.

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