Hims CEO wants to hire anti-Israel campus protesters and supports their antisemitic messages

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Andrew Dudum, founder and CEO of Hims, praised woke, antisemitic disrupters on American university campuses in an X post for their “moral courage.” Offering them comfort about their future prospects, Dudum said, “There are plenty of companies & CEOs eager to hire you, regardless of university discipline.” Notably, Dudum stopped short of encouraging them to remove their masks and use keffiyeh-clad headshots for their Linkedin profiles.

The “righteous cause” he lauded the students for is opposing Israel’s continuing battle against Hamas terrorists after their massacre of nearly 1,200 innocent people on October 7, 2023.

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Dudum’s adulation for the “moral courage,” which he ranks higher in value than their education, echoes praise from Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

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Iran’s Shiraz University, doubled down on the Ayatollah’s support by offering free tuition to U.S. students who have been expelled for participating in anti-Israel protests.

Hims, however, did not make a similar employment offer to college students at the University of North Carolina who protected the American flag from an anti-Israel mob.


Contact Hims and tell them to stop supporting antisemitic protests on American campuses.

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