WOKE ALERT: Eventbrite

Woke Eventbrite censors event defending women in sports while supporting pro-terrorist event

The live-event company Eventbrite served notice that it was removing an event featuring former University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines on protecting women’s sports from being unfairly dominated by trans athletes who claim to identify as women. Eventbrite cited its policy that among other things, prohibits discrimination based on “gender identity” or “sexual orientation.”

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas noted on X (formerly Twitter) that, “@eventbrite’s idiotic policies allow pro-Hamas rallies but ban people who hold the radical belief that women exist.”

At the same time, Eventbrite did not take immediate action to remove pro-Hamas events in support of the violent attacks against Israeli civilians.

Source: via @burackbobby_

Consumers’ Research Executive Director Will Hild released the following statement:

“What does it say about Eventbrite’s corporate “values” that they choose to cancel a female athlete for defending women’s rights in sports, a view that significantly more than half the country agrees with, but would help facilitate support of Hamas, a terrorist organization that just killed thousands of civilians? This is the very definition of woke and it isn’t the first time we’ve seen this type of senseless behavior from Eventbrite. As a result, consumers should evaluate events managed by the company through a different lens, with the knowledge that Eventbrite is pushing a radical, biased agenda rather than acting in the best interest of its customers. It’s time for companies to stop choosing woke politicians and activists over their customers.”

Just last week, South Carolina’s attorney general challenged Evenbrite over censoring an event that warns against the dangers of gender transition, featuring a 19-year-old individual who underwent the procedure.

We encourage you to contact Eventbrite and tell them to stop censoring people who want to protect women’s sports programs. You can reach them via their website or X (formerly Twitter).