ESPN+ is injecting politics into sports with a divisive new program centered on race hosted by prominent “Critical Race Theory (CRT)” activist Ibram X. Kendi

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ESPN+ recently released a new series titled, “Skin in the Game,” in which the woke, radical, “anti-racist” activist Ibram X. Kendi, gives his opinions about racism in sports. Kendi founded and runs the Center for Antiracist research at Boston University, which is under scrutiny for alleged mismanagement and toxic work environment, after sacking nearly half its staff. Kendi has been the subject of intense criticism for his promotion of woke ideology, his books aimed at indoctrinating children, DEI programs, and Critical Race Theory (CRT) in America. The series also features CRT and “anti-racist” activists W. Kamau Bell and Jemele Hill. Ironically, the program claims to solve racial strife by highlighting racial differences, amplifying grievances, and promoting divisive thought.

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This woke, new show comes after the network recently initiated a series of hefty layoffs for iconic sports commentators, including Jeff Van Gundy, Jalen Rose, and Keyshawn Johnson. It is clear ESPN+, which is owned by super-woke Disney, is prioritizing propaganda over providing expert analysis and coverage to sports fans.

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The sports company is not new to woke activism. In 2021, a prominent ESPN “SportsCenter” anchor Sage Steele was removed for sharing her views on COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Steele has since sued ESPN for infringing on her First Amendment rights.

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Contact Disney-owned ESPN+ and tell them to stop pushing a woke political agenda on normal sports fans like yourself.

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