WOKE ALERT: American Women’s History Museum

Taxpayer funded American Women’s History Museum will include trans women, interim director promises


Picture of the Women's History Museum.

“The Castle,” The Smithsonian Institute’s Administrative Headquarters in Washington DC. (Photo Courtesy of Fox News)

The Smithsonian Institute receives over a billion dollars in taxpayer dollars authorized by Congress every year. Its budget was increased from $1.062 billion in fiscal year 2022 to $1.144 billion for fiscal year 2023. Though Congress has not fully approved the project that would include trans women in the museum.

The Smithsonian announced that it had received $55 million in donations. But do these donors know the Women’s History Museum will feature biological men?

“From the DNA of this museum, there has been a desire to be inclusive,” said Lisa Sasaki, the Smithsonian’s American Women History Museum’s interim director, adding that there is “no monolithic experience of womanhood.”

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