How Activists Force Companies to Go Woke

For years, left-wing activists have pressured American companies to go woke. Here’s how they do it.

This week, Consumers’ Research released a comprehensive report highlighting the fact that “conservatives are all but sitting out of the shareholder proposal process.” In order to ensure woke activists are not co-opting the shareholder process for a political agenda, shareholders need to be aware of what conversations are happening in boardrooms and start using the process to demand companies focus on their consumers, not woke politics.

Where do these woke proposals come from? It starts when activist organizations buy up shares of public companies, then use their position to file shareholder proposals. These proposals can be submitted by any shareholder to recommend actions that they want a company to take. Activists pushing a woke political agenda have hijacked this process by demanding that companies pass shareholder proposals that require Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies and leftwing priorities. Here are some of the worst offenders.


American Express

American Express adopted a shareholder proposal submitted by woke activists that requires the company to publish an annual report on how it implements Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) priorities. The report can be found online.

Image credit: American Express Website



Boeing adopted a shareholder proposal requiring it to demonstrate how it was reducing emissions to meet Net Zero standards. By tying employee compensation to meeting these standards, Boeing prioritized ideology over safety, creating an environment that led to several high-profile safety failures.

Image credit: Boeing



BP adopted a shareholder proposal submitted by activist investors which forced it to provide detailed, annual reports on how it was reducing emissions to meet Net Zero goals. The Energy producer’s shift toward woke climate priorities is contributing to higher energy prices for American consumers.

Image credit: BP Website


But when conservative groups offer shareholder proposals, it’s often a different story.



When a conservative group submitted a proposal in 2024 insisting that Kohl’s detail how its social advocacy and charitable giving impacts American politics and society, as means of increasing transparency in Kohl’s progressive activism, it was loudly attacked by the company’s board of directors. Meanwhile, exposing where its priorities really lie, Kohl’s launched a line of LGBTQ children’s clothing.

Image credit: Kohl’s

We must keep up the pressure to expel wokeness from the boardroom. Here’s what you can do:

Spread the word. Share Woke Alerts with your friends and family, let them know that this is the best way to be notified when a company goes woke. We will continue to provide resources to put you in touch with these corporations so you can make your voice heard.

Report wokeness. If you see a corporation go woke or have firsthand experience of out-of-control wokeness in the workplace, report it to Consumers’ Research. What you share is confidential and will help contribute to the fight for our values.