Wearin’ o’ the Greenwash

Hotels disguise money-saving behavior as “climate friendly”

Hotels harangue guests to reuse towels and forgo room cleaning, but that’s more about saving them money than saving the planet. And it’s definitely not about serving their guests.


  1. Reusing Towels

Hotels encourage guests to reuse their towels, rather than fresh ones, to reduce their water consumption. In reality, this is a way for hotels to lower their water bills, and it may actually hurt the climate. Reused towels and linens often have more difficult stains, requiring greater use of chemical cleaning agents and additional time in the washer.



2. Do Not Disturb

Hotels convince eco-friendly guests to forego room service, nominally to reduce “unnecessary” cleanings. This cheap practice allows hotels to slash housekeepers’ hours, increasing hotels’ bottom lines.


3. Upcharge

Many managers are all too eager to engage in green virtue-signaling because they think that a large segment of guests willingly pay more to stay at a hotel that they think is environmentally conscious.