Tax the Poor to Feed the Rich

Woke companies supported legislation to hire an army of 87k new IRS agents to shake down  Americans and fund the Left’s green agenda

In 2022, woke corporations lined up to the radical Inflation Reduction Act. While the deceptively named legislation did nothing to help combat inflation, it did, however, support the hiring of 87,000 new IRS agents to audit Americans. Using this army of new IRS agents, the Left aims to ramp up audits and make Americans pay more taxes to underwrite its radical green agenda.

Here are some of the woke companies and executives that supported this massive IRS expansion:

  • More than 40 major corporations – including Ford, Levi’s, TicketMaster and more – signed onto a letter pushing the “landmark legislation.”
  • Microsoft founder Bill Gates called the legislation “nothing short of extraordinary.”
  • Swedish furniture maker Ikea dubbed the legislation “groundbreaking.”
  • The CEO of New Belgium Brewing labeled the bill “good for America.”
  • Patagonia’s CEO demanded that corporations “unite” behind the radical legislation.