WOKE ALERT: Chat GPT, Google Gemini, Snapchat AI

Artificial Intelligence is Already Captured by Woke Agenda

AI may be the most important new technology in a generation. Some are even saying it could be bigger than the internet. However, the creators of Chat GPT, Snapchat AI, and Google Gemini chatbots have programmed wokeness into all their products, which will leverage the transformative power of machine learning to eradicate political and social views with which they disagree.

Chat GPT

Developed by OpenAI, Chat GPT is the most well-known AI platform. It was marketed as a way for people to ask the bot anything and get an accurate, honest answer. However, activists loudly complained when the AI gave answers that they considered politically incorrect. So, in the name of “safety,” Chat GPT’s engineers reprogrammed it to routinely spit out woke talking points. For example, when asked what a woman is, it refuses to give a clear definition, claiming that gender identity can “vary from the sex assigned at birth.” As time goes on, the bias has only gotten worse. Research now shows that ChatGPT demonstrates a strong anti-conservative bias.

Source: Daily Mail

Source: Daily Mail

Google Gemini

Wokeness was baked into Google’s Gemini from the AI platform’s outset. Purportedly for “limiting harm,” Gemini has set a filter that actively censors points of view that run against the woke grain.  When asked about sites posting misinformation, Gemini points to right-of-center publications while claiming that left-wing sources are accurate and fair. It is simply another way that the Big Tech giant has found to limit speech and suppress ideas that don’t match their political preferences. This is unsurprising: Google was caught for censoring Biden opponents in the lead-up to the second GOP Primary debate.

Source: NY Post

Snapchat AI

Popular social media platform Snapchat has also jumped into the AI chatbot game. Like Google’s Gemini, Snapchat AI was programmed with woke talking points. For example, if asked to say something positive about President Biden, it will eagerly reply. Try to do the same thing for President Trump, and Snapchat AI declines. In example after example, Snapchat AI proves that its true purpose is to censor conservative viewpoints and promote woke ideology in its place.

Screenshot sources: Not the Bee

Contact OpenAI by emailing support@openai.com or by sending them a message on X (formerly Twitter). Let them know that you will not stand for their censorship and woke propaganda.

Tell Google to put an end to their censorship regime and to stop suppressing conservative voices by clicking here.

You can tell SnapChat to put an end to their anti-conservative censorship by clicking here.