M. Stanton Evans

M. Stanton Evans was born in Kingsville, Texas, in 1934. He graduated Magma Cum Laude from Yale University with a Bachelor of Arts in English in 1955 and later received a master’s degree in economics from New York University. Evans went on to become an accomplished journalist, receiving many accolades, including two Freedom Foundation awards for his writing. In 1959 Evans became the head editorial writer of The Indianapolis News. From 1960-1973, he served as the associate editor of the National Review. Evans also served as a commentator for National Public Radio, Voice of America and Radio America. Evans joined Consumers’ Research in 1981 and served as publisher of Consumers’ Research Magazine for over 20 years. During this tenure at Consumers’ Research, the organization transitioned from a product-focused organization to a broader consumer advocacy organization focused on educating consumers on the policies, products and services of concern to them and which promotes the freedom to act on that knowledge and understanding.