You get a burrito! You get a burrito!

A whole lot of burritos

Chipotle is starting a loyalty program.

This is great news for the fast-casual chain’s most devoted fans, but it’s unclear whether less-dedicated patrons should be as enthusiastic.

Rewards members, registered through the Chipotle app, will earn 10 points for every dollar they spend in-person at participating Chipotle stores and 15 points for each dollar spent through the Chipotle app. Amassing 1,250 points earn a free meal.

Now, that’s not a terrible deal. If you pay through the app, it’s actually pretty good.

But, word to the wise, if you like your burritos with steak, brown rice, black beans, pico salsa, cheese, sour cream, fajita veggies, and guac — and you pay for your meal in-store — you will be eating through well over 15,000 calories before Chipotle throws a freebie your way.

You’ve been warned.

The expansion

Right now, Chipotle offers the program in only three cities (Phoenix, Columbus, and Kansas City), but it will soon spread to the rest of the country.

Former mishaps

Speaking of things spreading, Chipotle announced the new loyalty program just a month after it retrained all its employees in handling food properly. You see, 600 Ohioans got sick from eating at a Chipotle this summer. Bad news for the burrito business, considering its past troubles with serving clean food.

While sidelining Buckeye fans is commendable, there are safer methods for quieting them down. As it launches its customer loyalty program, hopefully Chipotle shows some loyalty to its customers by finally getting a handle on its sanitation problem.


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