WWDC 2017: Apple Announces New Software and Products

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicked off today – taking place from June 5 to June 9 in San Jose, California. The WWDC informs software developers, the media, and the general public of the capabilities of Apple’s upcoming products and hardware devices, including iPads, iPhones, and MacBook laptops. Usually, this conference announces software updates, and places less emphasis on hardware innovation. Apple announced several of its new and updated products coming this fall and winter. Apple executives, including CEO Tim Cook, as well as developers, journalists, and Apple employees are all in attendance at this event. The conference began today with a keynote given by executives in which Cook highlighted the new features to be introduced and the promises of Apple’s 2017. Attendees pay to go to workshops through the week, where employees of Apple give a more detailed look into the newest software features the company will produce and incorporate into products. Here’s what Apple announced:

iOS 11:

WWDC is famous for the reveal of the updated version of iOS, the software off of which iPhones and iPads function. These updates and changes will likely be accessible to Apple consumers in the fall, when Apple typically releases a new iPhone. Announced features for iOS 11 include: the new Files app, which organizes all files from all iOS devices in the iCloud Drive and in other services like Dropbox into one place. Apple will bring the drag and drop feature to the iPad, as well as the Apple Pencil, which allows the user to take notes, draw, and tap into one’s creative side across apps. Another new feature on offer is “ARKit”, a framework for augmented reality which blends digital objects and information with the surrounding physical environment, allowing the user to interact with reality in vast, novel ways. The new operating software also introduces Apple Pay through messages, streamlining expense sharing like never before. Additional improvements of the software include the camera and its new professional-quality filters, the App store and its updated user-friendly characteristics, Messages and its upgraded sharing system of stickers, games, and apps, Siri and her increased knowledge and helpfulness, and the new Do Not Disturb While Driving feature, which the iPhone triggers when it senses the user is driving – pushing notifications, messages, and calls until later and sends an auto-reply text message back. NY Mag reports that the Do Not Disturb While Driving setting determines that users are driving if their phone is connected to a vehicle through Bluetooth or by sensing the phone’s speed. NY Mag also reports that the setting will allow a work-around for passengers and others who are in a vehicle but are not driving.


Apple announced the 10.5-inch model of the iPad Pro, praised by many critics for its power and capability over most PC laptops (which does come at a high cost premium over competing tablets) and its most advanced display yet. Almost 20 percent larger than the last 9.7-inch model, this iPad Pro physically delivers more, and will feature the new iOS 11 and its spec updates.

Along with new tech specs and speed bumps to the iMacs and laptops, Apple announced the newest iMac Pro, distinguished by its all-in-one design and price tag of $4,999, available this December.

The HomePod is Apple’s challenge to the Amazon Echo: a speaker that plays Apple Music and provides voice interaction with Siri. The device will ship for $349 starting this December.

Read more here – “THE 8 BIGGEST ANNOUNCEMENTS FROM APPLE WWDC 2017,” (Natt Garun,
The Verge)

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