WWDC 2016 in Review: Apple’s Biggest Announcements

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) concluded in San Francisco on June 17. Here are the most important announcements from the world’s biggest tech company.

Apple announced the new iOS 10 which will be available for download this fall. The new operating system promises to be the most significant change since the release of iOS 7 in 2013. There will be updates to the lock screen to increase functionality and major redesigns to the Music, Photos, and Maps applications promise better user interfaces. Additionally, new widgets will provide live information to users without the need to open apps like Weather and iMessage. With the rise of competitors like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, the iPhone’s iMessage is getting an overhaul too. Among other things, users will now have the ability to adjust and add effects to text bubbles, have access to full screen animations, and be able to write personalized notes or draw on pictures.

Siri is increasing its integration to work with third party applications. In addition, Siri will also be available on the Mac. This opens up new opportunities for communication between devices as well as desktop-specific voice commands like finding new files or copy-pasting images from Internet searches.

Finally, WWDC 2016 promises a long awaited update to the Apple Watch. The new watchOS 3, which will also be available in the fall, includes faster load times for apps, improves navigation on the device, and adds a texting system called “Scribble.” The Apple Watch has been far from the revolution that the iPhone was to the market, but maybe changes to the software will encourage developers to start making new applications for the smart watch.

Read more here: “The 5 most important things we learned about Apple this week” (Steve Kovach, Tech Insider)



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