What to Watch Out For: The Future of the Apple Watch

Apple devices have inspired a wave of Apple accessories with each new product, but as the Apple Watch takes the consumer stage, manufacturers of Apple accessories reevaluate their part in the market. Accessories for Apple’s products, including cases, speakers and earphones, generate $20 billion in revenue. While some obvious add-ons for the Apple Watch are evident, the options are not as vast as they once were. With no camera, headphone jack, or connectivity options, accessory manufacturers will have to get creative.

One obvious option is exchangeable bands. High-end fashion designers and specialty watch makers will likely get in the game with exotic materials and classic styles. While some are worried for the future of conventional watches, others are confident of the continued prosperity of classic timepieces. Some watchmakers doubt the Apple Watch’s ability to customize to the personal tastes of conventional watch customers but others are excite for the doors Apple watch will open.

It brings a whole new level of customers that are not typical ‘watch customers.’ It stems from the success of the iPhone. What [Apple] could do to the smart wearable market could transform it.”

The Watch’s fitness aspect allows for some speculation in where the accessory market would go. A completely waterproof case for swimmers would be high on the list. Apple has its own fitness apps but third party apps will likely pop up to allowing consumers the chance to personalize their workouts.

Wider connectivity using the Apple Watch may also be an option. With the company hinting that consumers will be able to control Apple TV with the Watch, the future of remote control could be wrist mounted. At this point, the options for Apple Watch are endless.


Read More – The Next Great Gold Rush: Apps and Accessories for the Apple Watch (Tim Moynihan, Wired)


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