Weird Product: Pickle Popsicles Appeal to Some

Pickle flavored popsicles is not a product not many people would believe would sell incredibly well. Apparently, there is a small, but noticeable market for such a product. Bob’s Pickle Pops has made substantial money on selling their brand name pickle flavored popsicles, to much delight and confusion from the outside looking in.

The founder John Howard came with the idea to sell these frozen pickle pops when he was the owner of a roller skating rink. The most popular item at the snack bar was apparently pickles, and Howard began selling the juice when he ran out of pickles. Soon the juice became more popular than the pickles, so Howard started freezing the juice just to keep up with the demand. Now how he jumped upon the idea of creating a popsicle out of this unusually popular treat is beyond me, but it has worked out for the best. Now, these pickle pops can be found in supermarkets, and can even find them in the frozen food section at Walmart. These popsicles can also be found on Amazon, and on the companies website. A pack of 10 pickle pops is sold for $11.99 going all the way up to 100 pops are sold at $125.

For more information, check out their website here

Source: Bob’s Pickle Pops Proves Even Weird Products Can Appeal to Customers

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