Wearable X Releases Yoga Pants that Vibrate

Wearable X, a company that combines fashion and technology, has released a pair of “smart” yoga pants called Nadi X.

These smart yoga pants have sensors and haptic motors woven into the fabric at the hips, knees, and ankles. The sensors pick up where they are in relation to each other to determine what pose the wearer is in, and then the motors give directional vibrations in order to help wearers correct their form. For example, when in warrior II pose, an upward vibration at the front knee may tell a wearer to draw that knee back until it is properly aligned over the ankle. Wearable X likens these vibrations to a yoga teacher giving a student “a gentle adjustment.”

To activate the motors, users attach a small battery called a “Pulse” to the back of the left knee. The Pulse powers the pants and connects them to the Nadi X app via Bluetooth. Wearers can use the app to guide them through each step of their practice with audio guides and performance-based explanations. The Nadi X app also lets wearers decide which poses they receive feedback on. So, if you only want to focus on improving standing poses today, Nadi X makes it simple.

If you want to wear the yoga pants for leisure or some other athletic activity, just take the Pulse off and use as needed. Don’t worry about all the technology in the pants when washing them. These pants (with the Pulse removed) are machine washable, so why not take them for a spin (or a downward-facing dog)?

The Nadi X smart yoga pants cost $249 and can be bought on the Wearable X website.

Image from Pexels.com

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