Video: TEDTalks Health: You may be accidentally investing in cigarette companies – Bronwyn King

“In 2001, I was a brand new, shiny doctor planning to save the world. My first job was working for three months on a lung cancer unit. Nearly all of my patients were smokers or ex-smokers, and most of them had started smoking when they were children or in their early teens. And despite living in a beautiful, wealthy country with access to the most sophisticated medicines, nearly every single one of my patients died. Everyone knows tobacco is bad, but when you see the impact firsthand, day-by-day, it leaves a very deep impression.

“Ten years later, I’m a radiation oncologist, fully aware of the suffering caused by tobacco. I’m sitting at the hospital cafeteria, having my first ever meeting with a representative from my superannuation fund. It was thrilling, I’m sure you can imagine.

“He tells me I’m in the default option. And I said, ‘Option? Does that mean there are other options?’

“He looked at me, rolled his eyes, and said, ‘Well, there is this one greenie option for people who have a problem with investing in mining, alcohol or tobacco.’

“I said, ‘Did you just say tobacco?’

“He said, ‘Yes.’

“I said, ‘So, are you telling me I’m currently investing in tobacco?’

“And he said, ‘Oh, yes, everyone is.'”

Oncologist and tobacco-free advocate, Dr. Bronwyn King tells her story about how she was unknowingly investing in tobacco . . . and how you may be too. Watch the rest of her TEDx Talk here:

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