Verizon Gives in to Unlimited Data

The 2017 Grammys looked a lot like the Super Bowl, as companies rolled out new and interesting advertisements. Among them was a simple commercial from Verizon announcing that unlimited data is coming back to the nation’s largest wireless network. The plan will start at $80 per line, and families can carry four lines for $180.

Historically, Verizon offered unlimited data to its subscribers until 2011, when it stopped offering this service to new customers. As data-heavy video and music applications, such as Netflix and Spotify, grew in popularity, Verizon decided that it had become too expensive to offer a limitless data plan. Customers who were on the unlimited data plan beforehand were grandfathered in and allowed to keep their plans. However, Verizon has previously attempted to wean customers off of unlimited data plans with caps and restrictions on their usage.

Now, as the costs of providing data decrease and the offerings from competing firms challenge Verizon’s market share, the firm seems to have recognized the need for an unlimited data plan. Verizon reportedly lowered the cost of providing a gigabyte of data by between 40 percent to 50 percent. The firm faces increasing competition from carriers like Sprint and T-Mobile that offer unlimited data. America’s second largest provider, AT&T, provides unlimited data, but only to its DirecTV and U-Verse customers. According to experts, Verizon’s move “forces AT&T also to follow suit,” by offering an unlimited plan to all of its customers.

Verizon’s data plan is more expensive than that of its competitors but it also offers the best high definition streaming and 10 GB of hotspot access per month. Verizon claims it is America’s most reliable network, and its value became more appealing with an unlimited data platform.

Regardless of the wireless carrier, the popularity of social media, streaming, and other web-based applications is making unlimited data a near-necessity. Consumers will find relief in a less restricted data offering – albeit one with a hefty price tag.

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Image Source: Verizon Wireless

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