Verizon Allows Opt-Out for Supercookie Program

Verizon has announced that it will be allowing consumers to opt-out of their UIDH program which collects cookies from users on their mobile network. Following the public outcry precipitated by the public awareness of Verizon’s supercookie program, the company faced some pressure to get rid of the program altogether.

Verizon takes customer privacy seriously and it is a central consideration as we develop new products and services. As the mobile advertising ecosystem evolves, and our advertising business grows, delivering solutions with best-in-class privacy protections remains our focus,” said Debi Lewis, a Verizon spokeswoman.


Verizon’s UIDH, Unique Identifier Header, is embedded in each web request that is placed on their mobile network. The public concern was focused on uses of the program which provide targeted advertising for companies which work with Verizon, though Verizon has stress that it never gives consumer information to third-parties. The program is also used for fraud protection. Verizon’s opt-out has previously allowed users to stop receiving targeted advertising as a result of the UIDH program, but now the company allows users to completely opt-out of the program


Read More – Verizon Wireless to Allow Complete Opt-Out of Mobile Supercookies (New York Times, Brian X. Chen and Natasha Singer)

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