Vaccines are Safe- No Link to Autism Found

A new review published in the medical journal Pediatrics, has found that the adverse risks that many purport are associated with childhood vaccinations are extremely rare. This review analyzed the findings of more than 20,000 different titles, as well as 67 independent papers on the subject, concluding that that any kind of side effects are extremely rare, and that there is no evidence linking vaccinations to autism.

These findings support an op-ed published by Consumers’ Research Executive Director, Joseph Colangelo, earlier this year. In the op-ed Consumers’ Research urged parents to take vaccination advice from their medical providers instead of Hollywood celebrities who believe in anti-vaccination. As was stated in the op-ed:

The World Health Organization (WHO), NIH, CDCP, and the professional organization for American pediatricians implore parents to get their kids vaccinated. These are much more credible sources than celebrities and even the mainstream media

These recent findings by Pediatrics just further support this claim. Vaccinations are extremely beneficial to your child as well as the greater community’s health. In fact, the journal refers to the benefits of vaccinations a number of times. As is reported on CNN:

The positive effects of vaccines dramatically outweigh the bad, experts said.

An editorial accompanying the study calls vaccines “one of the most successful public health achievements of the 20th century.”

Because of vaccines, many diseases that plagued children for centuries have all but been eliminated.

There is no doubt that vaccinations are extremely beneficial. While it is true that vaccinations are not 100% safe, the case with most things in life, as is pointed out in the study the associated risks are extremely negligible and the benefits far and away outweigh the extremely rare side effects. Also, it bears repeating, the study found that there are no links between vaccinations and autism.

Consumers with small children are advised to have their children receive all their required vaccinations. This will ensure that they remain safe from the myriad of illnesses that the various vaccines protect against. It will also mitigate the risk of these infections from unnecessarily spreading and potentially harming a large amount of the population.

Read More- “Childhood Vaccines are Safe. Seriously” (Jen Christensen and Nadia Kounang, CNN)

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