United Way Becomes Largest Charity to Accept Bitcoin

United Way has announced its new partnership with Bitcoin through the payment service Coinbase. The international organization is the first major charity to accept donations in the cryptocurrency. Its announcement of a deal with PayPal subsidiary Braintree last week had already signaled the beginning of Bitcoin’s acceptance into the mainstream, but this new co-operative effort gives the currency one more legitimizing factor.

United Way president and CEO Brian A. Gallagher said in a statement that the organization needed “innovation powered by new technology” making a partnership with Bitcoin useful for reaching their goals.

Achieving United Way’s vision for the world – where all individuals and families achieve their human potential – requires innovation powered by new technology and outreach methods. In that spirit, integrating Bitcoin donations with the United Way Worldwide Innovation Fund helps us achieve this crucial goal.”

As Bitcoin has faced concerns over its longevity and stability, the new shift in public opinion is ideal for the future of the currency.


Read more here- “United Way to Begin Accepting Donations in Bitcoin,” (Hayley Tsukayama, The Washington Post)

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