UN Explores Blockchain Applications

According to CoinDesk, the United Nations is considering blockchain application in several key areas including “contributions denominated in digital currencies, supply chain management tools, self-auditing of payments, identity management, and data storage.” The UN office for Project Services (UNOPS) is examining these potential applications.

In addition to these general applications, the organization is exploring specific applications including the use of blockchain in humanitarian issues, such as secure transmission of financial aid to impoverished areas around the world.

In order to accomplish their efforts, the UNOPS solicited the help of industry experts and stakeholders, with an official request for information posted on April 24th.

The information request states:

“UNOPS and the member organizations of [the] UN blockchain group have been analyzing the possible applicability of the existing or emerging blockchain-based services to the international assistance area and is conducting market research for such services, associated technologies, tools, services and concepts applicable for the use in the international assistance.”

The response period will close on May 14, with the potential to invite respondents to present their ideas in front of the UN group leading the initiative.

Read more at CoinDesk.

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