There’s a Gloomy Mood Out There That Americans Must Fix

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“Merry Christmas!”

I know that Zoom Thanksgiving wasn’t what you were hoping for, but I bet that turkey was still mighty tasty. Remember the good food and drink. Let it keep your belly warm and your thoughts merry. You’re going to need those good feelings to carry through this holiday season.

This year we all need to do what we can. Call your parents. Share an eggnog on the porch with your next-door neighbor. Bring over some of that leftover turkey soup to the grandmother down the street that can’t visit her grandkids. Let your kids Facetime with their classmates. Text your cousins and wish them a Happy Holidays. After a year of lockdowns and loss, it is crucial that we look for ways to lift each other’s spirits. Let’s make the effort and help spread cheer.

Read the full piece here at Real Clear Markets

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