The Party’s Over for This Breathalyzer Company

The Federal Trade Commission has settled claims with the marketers of two breathalyzer devices with connected smartphone apps, on the charges that their advertising lacked scientific evidence.

Under the settlement, Breathometer Inc. is not allowed to make future claims about the accuracy of its product without testing to back it up. In addition, the company must give refunds to customers who ordered the $49.99 Original or $99.99 Breeze. The Original was connected via aux cord to a smartphone, and the Breeze worked through Bluetooth.

According to the FTC’s complaint, the company had advertised the breathalyzers as being a “law-enforcement grade product” and as having had “government-lab grade testing,” when this was not true.

The FTC announcement also stated the false advertising was not only deceptive, but also dangerous as people may have used the product’s reading to determine whether they could still drive. Breathometer’s products regularly understated users’ Blood Alcohol Content, as well.

Read the FTC’s full statement here.

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