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Consumers’ Research is your go-to source for consumer news regarding bitcoin, digital currencies, and the blockchain. Below is a recap of recent major news stories relevant to the bitcoin and blockcain space.

Bitcoin Reaches All Time High

Bitcoin has reached a sky-high $4,800. That’s an all time high, and marks a new height for the most popular cryptocurrency. Bitcoin’s market cap is now $79.7 billion. This may prove that bitcoin is still going strong, even after concern over a bitcoin “hard fork” and its long-term implications for the currency.

Coin Center Unveils New Digital Currency Regulation Tracker

Digital currency think tank Coin Center has revealed a new interactive map allowing users to see the United States of Bitcoin Regulation at a glance. This marks an expansion on their previous regulatory tracker, which gives detailed information on the state of regulations in each state.

Troubled Exchange Back Up

Coindesk reports that BTC-e, the exchange that was previously hit with a number of money laundering charges from U.S. authorities, is back up. The old site was seized by law enforcement and CoinDesk reports that the new page, through which users are limited to checking their balances, may not be accessible from all jurisdictions.

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