The Dangers of Heatstroke

With the summer officially upon us, more and more consumers are headed outdoors to enjoy the warm weather. However, as the summer season begins to heat up, so too do the temperatures. While staying outside in the summer is a national pastime, consumers need to be aware of the dangers that can possibly go along with it. Namely, overexposure to the heat can lead to heatstroke, which can be potentially dangerous. Due to this danger it is important that consumers know what the symptoms of heatstroke are in case they, or someone they know starts to experience them. According to CNN:

Heatstroke symptoms include an elevation of body temperature, lack of sweating, headaches, nausea and vomiting. Neurological symptoms, such as confusion and unconsciousness, can also result from extreme exposure to heat, according to the Mayo Clinic

Elderly people and young children, as well as people with chronic severe illnesses, have the highest risk of developing the condition. People with kidney, liver and heart problems in particular should be extra aware of the heat, experts say, and should talk with their doctors about heat exposure.

If consumers see these symptoms, it is recommended that they move to a cooler location and call the appropriate medical professionals for guidance on what further steps should be taken.

Finally, the best way for consumers to avoid heatstroke is to be pro-active. Ensuring that one is well hydrated, and limiting one’s time spent in the direct heat is one of the most effective ways to prevent heatstroke. Doing so will allow consumers to enjoy their summers without having to worry about negative consequences.

Read More- “Heatstroke: A Summer Danger” (CNN Staff, CNN)

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