The Cat’s Out of the Bag With the LICKI Brush!

Have you ever tried to lick your cat but have just been unable to? Hair in your mouth and confusion in your cat’s eyes as you try in vain to bond with your furry friend?

No? Well, I haven’t either, but evidently some people have. Or, at the very least had the same question. And, while there are a myriad of ways to play with and groom your beloved pet, the new LICKI Brush promises to be one of the most innovative ways for you to bond with your cat.

According to the immensely popular Kickstarter page, the item describes the way cats lick each other as a form of social bonding, and, they often view their human owners simply as larger cats. As such, humans are, according to the maker, often left out of this apparently cathartic process.

The silicon brush, which is lined with ridges designed to emulate the rough tongue of another feline, has a portion that the owner bites down on and is able to subsequently lick their own cat to their heart’s content.

All the user has to do is place the LICKI in (hygienically, of course!) their allowing them to them to lick and groom their cat and share in that interesting experience, perhaps even inviting a lick or two back!

Retailing at $25, the LICKI Brush absolutely crushed its needed Kickstarter goal and raising over $50,000 during the funding period. Cat likers, lovers, and crazy cat people alike may find this a worthwhile investment, especially if they want to get closer to their furry friends.

Regardless, LICKI may be the next big thing in pet care, and soon we might even have enthusiastic pet owners asking why you don’t lick your cat!


Read more about the LICKI Brush here!


Image Source: Stock Photo, Photographer, License Summary.

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