Tesla Software Update Limits Self-Driving Function to 45 MPH

A new over-the-air software update to some Tesla vehicles will limit the “Autosteer” function to only operate under 45 MPH.

The new version of Autopilot that is sent out to cars equipped with Tesla’s newest HW2 hardware suite (those vehicles manufactured after October 2016) will have this limitation.

This new update will also give forward collision warning and adaptive cruise control (also limited, to 75 MPH) to cars with the newest hardware.

In a tweet, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said, “Auto steer limited to 45 mph on highways for now, i.e. heavy traffic, where it is needed most. Limit will raise as we get more data.”

The Tesla vehicles that were installed with the HW2 hardware actually have fewer features than their predecessors, those built from September 2014 to October 2016. Even with the update, HW2-equipped Teslas don’t have autonomous emergency braking.

Read more at Road & Track.

Photo credit: https://www.tesla.com/presskit, owner/uploader: Alexis Georgeson

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