Tesla Roadster Gets a Power Up

On Friday, Tesla announced three major upgrades to the Roadster, the company’s electric convertible model. The first is a batter upgrades which is expected to boost capacity by approximately 31 percent. The next is an alteration to the profile of the model, referred to as an “aero kit,” which will reduce wind drag by 15 percent. And finally, an upgrade to more efficient tires. These upgrades overall result in the vehicle’s ability to travel 350 miles on a single charge- much further, as noted by a Washington Post article, than many conventional gasoline powered vehicles, which averaged 325 miles for a single fill-up in a 12-13 gallon tank in 2014. Previously, the Roadster averaged 245 miles per charge.

Only 2,150 two-seat Roadsters were sold through 2011 when production was halted in 2012 as the company shifted focus to the development of the Model S. The improvements apply to Roadsters that are currently on the market, as there are currently no plans for the company to restart production.

But what about the other models? Elon Musk took to Twitter to say,

Should mention that a battery pack upgrade is not coming soon for the Model S, but obviously will happen long term.”

It is suggested that the updates to the Roadster hints at plans to implement more advanced batteries in models ranging from the Model S to the upcoming Model X (2015) and Model 3 (2017).


Read more here- “Tesla Seeks to Boost Range of Electric Roadster,” (Chris Woodyard, USA Today)

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