Tesla Motors: Automated Driving Features Coming This Summer

Tesla Motors may become the first car company to roll out self driving features, having announced this week that the company will be launching self driving software for it’s Model S as early as this summer. The announcement came in what was meant to be a press conference about Tesla’s plan to “eliminate range anxiety,” but instead resulted in Tesla CEO Elon Musk announcing the upcoming push into driverless cars. Google, Apple, and traditional car companies have all been racing to automated driving, but Tesla is likely to launch the first consumer ready attempt.

The upcoming software updates to the Tesla Model S will launch automated freeway operation, self-parking features, and will allow users to summon their cars with a smartphone app. While complete automation will only be functional on private property, the product will allow consumers to interact with the new technology before companies begin launching continuous automation in full form.

Tesla’s announcement raises questions of the legality of the proposed changes. While several states have allowed testing of automated driving, the future of self-driving cars will be dictated by the legislative response. Tesla has stated that the proposed updates are not “in conflict with current legislation.”


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