Tesla Could Work With Toyota Again

The electric car manufacturer could work with Toyota again on a new model. The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk is in Tokyo promoting the $78,000 Tesla Model S, in his bid to expand sales across South East Asia. The batteries of the Model S are manufactured in Japan, a few miles from Toyota’s headquarters. The fact that Tesla operates partly in japan has increased the speculation of both companies working together. Musk went even further to say that the heart of the Model S is Japanese, as he interacted with Japanese officials during his visit.

If you look out maybe two or three years from now, I would not be surprised if there was a significant deal with Toyota and Tesla,” Elon Musk told reporters today in Tokyo.

Tesla worked with Toyota to manufacture the RAV4 electric vehicle which was released in September 2012. Although there were a total of 1,484 RAV4 electric vehicles sold in California, Tesla’s CEO insisted he wanted to work on a much bigger deal than that.

This will be beneficial for Tesla as Toyota is a brand that can help Tesla grow internationally, helping boost its sales. Analysts who have said the company is undervalued will see this as a positive step by Tesla if the company eventually works with Toyota on a much bigger deal.

Read more here – “Tesla signals it may work with Toyota again on vehicle,” (Craig Trudell, Business Week)

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