Tech Companies Look to Generate all Energy from Renewable Sources

Silicon Valley is changing how it gathers its power, altering the way companies look at electricity generation. Google announced its intention to reach a goal of 100 percent renewable energy use for its global operations. For every dollar spent on electricity generated by non-renewable power, the company will spend one dollar on a unit of solar or wind power.

Already Google is the largest buyer of renewable energy (44 percent), but it is not alone. 83 companies have announced pledged to “go 100% renewable.” These companies include IKEA, Bank of America, Facebook, and General Motors. Companies have declared different time frames to achieve this goal, and have listed their reasoning online.

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Ashton DeLano is a junior at the George Washington University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Economics with minors in Business Administration and Computer Science. He intends to cover developments in the health and energy sectors and the impact of new technologies on the consumer.


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